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As a die hard fan of the "Veronica Mars" television series, which ran for three largely ignored seasons on the UPN/CW, I was already excited about the prospect of the movie, which after failing to gain momentum for many years was suddenly pushed through in a bust of activity that culminated in a Kickstarter campaign more successful than any similar attempt before or since. But I was also kind of nervous -- that maybe creator Rob Thomas should have left well enough alone and that three seasons of a peerless television series could be undone by one very lousy movie. But now that the first real trailer for the film has debuted, these fears seem to be largely unfounded. In short: it looks terrific.

While word was always that Veronica Mars ("Frozen" star Kristen Bell), a former teenage private eye, would be returning to her hometown of Neptune to defend her ex-boyfriend Logan Echols (Jason Dohring), who is once again accused of murder, the trailer gives us a few more details. One, Veronica is now a lawyer in New York, and two, the murder investigation happens to coincide with her high school reunion, which is so deliciously wonderful that it boggles the mind.

The trailer gives you maybe a little more than you maybe wanted to know, with some plot specifics that might have been more fun if revealed during the course of the movie, but more importantly it shows off the fact that they have managed to re-assemble the entire cast (including Max Greenfield! We forgot about him!) for a plot that seems very worthy of Veronica's particular brand of wise-ass crime solving. It should also be noted that the movie looks gorgeous; Ben Kutchins's cinematography is deep and moody, finally replicating the hardboiled mood of the series in a visual way.

"Veronica Mars" is out on March 14, 2014. And it goes without saying that we can't wait.
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