batman vs superman filming amy adamsFrazer Harrison/Getty Images

"Batman vs. Superman" is faster than a speeding bullet, with casting nearly complete, a script written, and filming about to commence.

Star Amy Adams, who played Lois Lane in "Man of Steel" and will reprise her role in the sequel, revealed that filming will begin "very soon."

"I just read the script," she told late night host Jimmy Kimmel. But, she hastily added, "I don't know anything." (BTW, how charming is Amy Adams?)

What we do know is that Ben Affleck will play an aging Batman in the superhero flick, with Gal Gadot taking on the role of Wonder Woman. Now, all director Zak Snyder needs is his Lex Luthor (rumor has it that Warner Bros. wants Joaquin Phoenix for the role, which would re-team him with "Her" and "The Master" co-star Adams).

Kimmel joked that he's also been cast by pal Affleck as his sidekick. "It's about time there was an old, fat Robin," he laughed.

Now, that would definitely melt the Internet!
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