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After two movies, Chris Hemsworth has cemented his status as the perfect choice to play Thor. But in a new interview with W magazine, Hemsworth revealed that he was initially passed over for the part -- and one of the finalists for the role was none other than his younger brother, Liam.

Hemsworth said that he didn't get a callback after his "Thor" audition, admitting that he was extremely intimidated by director Kenneth Branagh.

"To me, he is Shakespeare," Hemsworth told W.

Liam "was luckier," Hemsworth said, and was among five final actors vying for the part, but filmmakers found that "none of them were quite right."

"My manager said, 'If you liked Liam, maybe you'll also like his older brother,'" Hemsworth recalled. "This time, I was pissed off. I didn't care about Shakespeare anymore; swagger got me the part."

Hope Liam doesn't mind his big bro stealing his superhero thunder.

[h/t Vulture]
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