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DC Comics is throwing shade at Marvel... and to a 7th grader!

For a class assignment, Spencer needed to write a letter to a company of his choosing, so he penned a note to DC Comics, asking, "How does DC plan to compete against Marvel movies when Marvel seemingly dominates the live action superhero movie industry?"

And DC Comics replied with a bold pronouncement.

"Our movies by far exceed all of Marvels in sales," the media company boasted.

Say what?!

At first, that claim sounds preposterous. Marvel has been kicking DC's butt these last few years, thanks to mega-hits like "Iron Man" and "The Avengers." But even after adding up the two companies' movies over history, DC has just $6.3 billion in worldwide gross to Marvel's $13.2 billion.

But Slashfilm notes that DC may have just been counting movies only in the Disney-backed Marvel Cinematic Universe, which excludes "X-Men" and "Blade" franchises. That seems to be the case, since in the letter, DC mentions "different distributors."

"Marvel may have many movies that come out in one year and the reason for that is they have many different distributors which makes it possible for them to do so," they said. "DC Comics has one distributor who is Warner Bros."

The kid's letter, along with DC's response, were posted on Reddit (thanks to Slashfilm for the find; you can read both letters there).
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