don peyote trailer
In the trippy new trailer for indie comedy "Don Peyote," it's hard to tell what is fake and what is real, a distinction that's severely messing with the mind of the movie's protagonist.

Dan Fogler stars as Warren, a man leading a seemingly-normal life when a chance encounter with a homeless man leads him down the rabbit hole of sanity.

"Warren was an ordinary person," the trailer's narration begins, and viewers soon learn that the emphasis is on "was." We see him hallucinate tidal waves and epic fight sequences, jumping in and out of different realities until it's unclear just what on screen can be believed. Warren's searching for the truth about existence itself (he wants to make a documentary "that's going to save the world," he tells one friend), but he's also looking for the truth about his own existence, too.

"Take a good look, a**holes," Warren tells the camera at one point. "This is my f*cking life."

"Don Peyote," is co-directed and -written by Fogler and Michael Canzoniero, and co-stars a host of famous faces including Anne Hathaway, Josh Duhamel, Topher Grace, Jay Baruchel, and Wallace Shawn. It's set for limited release in May.