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After seemingly endless discussion, it looks like the "Point Break" remake is finally seeing the light of day. With a script by Kurt Wimmer (who also contributed to the abysmal "Total Recall" remake) and direction by action cinematographer Ericson Core, slowly but surely the building blocks for the sequel are being shoved into place. Now the first major cast member has been announced, with Gerard Butler assuming the role of Bodhi, a part originally played by the dearly departed Patrick Swayze (according to The Hollywood Reporter).

In the original film, Bodhi was a surfer and skydiver who also happened to rob banks. He eventually formed a tight bond with Johnny Utah, an undercover FBI agent (played wonderfully by Keanu Reeves) sent to infiltrate their gang. In the new movie, Bodhi is an extreme sports enthusiast and the movie is set in the "international world" of the culture, which certainly lacks the original film's geographic specificity and sense of place (Southern California never looked so grimly sun-bleached).

As the Hollywood Reporter notes, if Butler signs on then that basically sews up his slate for next year, since he is shooting the fantasy film "Gods of Egypt" in March, followed quickly by "London is Falling," the sequel to his boneheaded 2013 hit "Olympus Has Fallen." Butler is going to spend 2014 punching lots of stuff.

If you've never seen the original "Point Break," directed by future Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow, it's a really wonderful, super-stylized action romp, with some fine performances and killer set pieces. In other words: this remake has some pretty big shoes to fill. And we're not sure if the guy who shot "Daredevil" is the one to fill them.
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