Show of hands -- how many people watched the original "Alien," with its slick, biomechanical horrors courtesy of Swiss illustrator H.R. Giger and thought, Gee, I'd like to grab a drink there sometime? Well, you're in luck, because a so-called Giger Bar is coming stateside.

hr giger bar alien
That's right, soon you'll be able to sip your favorite adult beverage while underneath a domed ceiling composed of what appears to be human spinal columns, while keeping an eye out for any acid-blooded xenomorph that might want to make you its after-dinner cocktail.

So far, there are two Giger Bars in the world, both in Switzerland. One is in Giger's hometown, which opened back in 1992, and the other is in the Museum H.R. Giger, which is sort of like the Smithsonian except its able to produce several months of horrifying nightmares (and weird sex dreams). Andy Davies, who is working on the ambitious Sci-Fi Hotel project, hopes to bring the Giger Bar stateside.

In an interview with Crave (via Yahoo), Davies said, "What I envision for the U.S. bar is taking the key elements of Giger Bar Gruyeres, the biomechanical ceiling arches, and reforming them to fit a space here. Matching those design elements with the same style of furniture, the bar -- well, pretty much replicating the whole thing."

The Sci-Fi Hotel Davies is developing is described as a "cat tree for geeks" on the official website. We're not sure what that means, but we're certainly curious. Especially after Davies describes the bar some more. "It's the ultimate in 'immersive' art," Davies told Crave. "Day and night, inside Giger Bar, you are enveloped within the womb of a mythical beast. It's warm, inviting, even comforting, and just incredibly cool."

Currently locations being plotted for the Sci-Fi Hotel and Giger Bar include "Seattle and New York, with San Francisco, New Orleans, and Chicago following closely behind."

Fingers crossed for New York. Because nothing says "cool down after work" like entering a gooey, psychosexual fantasy realm of which there is no escape. Yay!
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