veronica mars movie poster
Here's a sweet treat for all the Marshmallows out there!

The official "Veronica Mars" movie poster was unveiled today (via Yahoo Movies), with star Kristen Bell as the snarky sleuth in prime position with her ever-ready camera.

Snapshots of her co-stars fill out the rest of the poster: Jason Dohring as bad boy and murder suspect Logan Echolls, for whom Veronica returns to detective work; a shirtless Ryan Hansen as sleazy Dick Casablancas; Enrico Colantini as Veronica's awesome dad; Tina Majorino as tech-tastic friend Mac; Chris Lowell as good guy and boyfriend Piz; Percy Daggs III as best friend Wallace; Krysten Ritter as ditzy Gia Goodman; and Francis Capra as biker tough Weevil.

The poster reveal comes on the heels of the trailer debut, the release date announcement, and the news that the movie will premiere at SXSW.

"Veronica Mars" will open in theaters March 14, one year after creator Rob Thomas started the Kickstarter fund to make it.veronica mars movie poster
Veronica Mars Movie Poster
Veronica Mars
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