muppets most wanted golden globes commercial
There were a lot of weird commercials that aired during the Golden Globes last night, amongst them that intensely inspirational ad for the iPad Air and a Cheerios commercial where a little kid suggested that by eating Cheerios he could commune with his dead grandmother (creepy!). But our very favorite of the night was a brief trailer for "Muppets Most Wanted," wherein faux outrage was generated for "Muppets Most Wanted" not being nominated for "247 awards."

The bulk of the ad features new footage from "Muppets Most Wanted" (out March 21), but the actual focus is a supposed Twitter dispute between two users who keep calling each other "igorent." You just have to watch it (below) -- it's pretty perfect zany Muppet humor and was easily some of the bigger, non-Amy and Tina laughs to be had all night. (It makes sense that they would air the spot during the Golden Globes, considering the cast includes current and former hosts of the ceremonies.)

In case you didn't know, the new Muppet extravaganza has an international jewel thief assuming Kermit's identity, with Kermit being locked away in a European prison while the thief plots his next move. Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, and Tina Fey star alongside everyone's favorite felt creations, with cameo appearances (supposedly) by everyone from Celine Dion and Lady Gaga to Ray Liotta and Tom Hiddleston. As if you needed another reason to be excited.

At the end of the commercial, we're reminded that "Muppets Most Wanted" is finally eligible for awards starting March 21. Believe it.
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