Ride Along - On the Set: Tension on the Set
When it comes to irresistible comedic pairings, it's hard to beat Ice Cube and Kevin Hart.

Cube has proven himself a gifted comedic and dramatic performer since starring in John Singleton's masterful "Boyz N the Hood," while Hart, newer to the game, still manages to bring the funny on a mind-bogglingly consistent level (anyone who saw last summer's brilliant concert film "Let Me Explain" can attest). So the fact that they are going to be in a new action comedy, Universal's "Ride Along," together, well, that's just an embarrassment of riches. And in a new featurette, premiering exclusively on Moviefone, it's becomes very clear that making the movie was just as much fun as watching it.

"I don't like Cube, so let's get that out," Hart deadpans in the clip. And the joshing continues -- Cube makes fun of Hart's inflated ego and inability to disengage from social media, while Hart fires back that he had to do all the heavy lifting on the script because Cube is illiterate. And it just goes on from there.

In the movie, Hart plays a goofy security guard dating Ice Cube's sister. When Hart wants Cube's blessing before he asks her to be his wife, Cube agrees, on the condition that Hart goes with him on a ride along. Cube is a hard-ass cop and, well, what could have been some good natured ball-busting becomes something a whole lot zanier and more dangerous.

"Ride Along" opens January 17. Try watching this clip without giggling. We dare you.
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