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Newly-minted Golden Globe winner Jennifer Lawrence has some big plans for her future in Hollywood, and not all of them involve staying in front of the camera.

During a backstage interview following her coronation as Best Supporting Actress for "American Hustle" Sunday evening, Lawrence said that she "would love to direct someday."

"My passion for directing happened at the same time it did for acting on my first movie," Lawrence told a group of journalists, adding in a signature self-deprecating kicker. "So I would love to direct -- but I don't want to suck."

Lawrence said she wasn't in any hurry to get behind a lens, but rather wants to "keep learning" from other directors she admires.

"I'm learning from the best, fortunately," she said, citing her frequent collaborator and "American Hustle" director David O. Russell as an influence.

Judging by her extremely successful career as an actress, we feel pretty confident that Lawrence will be equally-successful once she decides to helm her own film. In the meantime, it seems J.Law will be gracing our screens for the foreseeable future.

"I'm just always busy working," Lawrence said of her ability to avoid the tabloid-friendly antics of other young starlets. "I don't have time to get into trouble."

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