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Our favorite Marvel scoop-meisters at Latino Review have dropped another nugget for comic books fans. "A well-connected source informed me tonight that Johnny Depp has taken a meeting with Marvel to discuss taking on the role of Dr. Strange," reported Mario-Francisco Robles last night.

That's an interesting tidbit for two reasons. One, that Marvel could be developing a stand-alone Dr. Strange movie, although this is several years out - don't forget, Marvel has a whole multi-pronged world domination plan that's coming in waves for the next few years. Two, that Depp is in the running for a leading man action role. Of course, who better to play Marvel's strangest doctor than Johnny Depp, that Dorian Gray-like dude who's brought in masses of money for Disney over the years?

Despite fans' growing ambivalence towards Depp, this could be just the thing to remind us why we loved him in the first place. As others have pointed out, one of Marvel's greatest strengths is making what seem like pretty out-there choices. Anyone else old enough to remember when Robert Downey Jr. was a huge risk for a studio, even just for insurance purposes? That once-radical casting choice made the "Avengers" universe. Plus, there's no doubt that Depp is a money-making machine for franchises.

Or that Marvel is hoping to make someone else who's in talks for the role of Stephen Strange very nervous.

Stay tuned for more news as this develops.
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