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Hey, guess what? By all accounts, "Grown Ups 2" is pretty terrible. Did we need the Razzies to tell us that? Maybe not, they did anyway by nominating the Adam Sandler comedy and its accomplices for no less than eight awards this year.

It's been a fantastic year for cinema (albeit not one for women in cinema, but that's a discussion for another time). Seriously, it's an embarrassment of riches. Auteurs! Epic dramas! Dazzling science-fiction yarns! Julia Roberts screaming at Meryl Streep to "eat the f*cking fish"! But there's a whole lotta suck in there too.

Is it important to remember that Hollywood pumps out plenty of bombs, or that these bombs make enough money to justify their continued existence? In the case of "Grown Ups 2," that film's production budget was $80M, and it made nearly $247 million worldwide. "Movie 43" was abysmal, but it was relatively cheap and managed to eke out almost $30 million around the world; that's terrible, but it pays the bills. Sandler is a Razzies reg, but that doesn't even slow him down. The same goes for Sylvester Stallone, Tyler Perry, Johnny Depp, and Gore Verbinski.

The real question is, are any of these nominees a surprise? Do they somehow move the needle in Hollywood any more than bad reviews do? Do you think we'll be getting another "Grown Ups" if Adam Sandler wants to make one? We'll give you one guess on that last one.

Read the full list of Razzie noms here.
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