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If you live in the Big Apple, you know that our number one most important rule is, "If you see something, say something." Of course, we spend our days seeing way too much and saying nothing, so when people actually stop to check in on someone or something that might be in trouble -- like, say, a crying baby left in a carriage all by him/herself on the street -- why not prank them and have an evil fake puke-covered baby pop up and scare the pants off of them? That will teach us to care about anything, ever!

Or, maybe it will make us care about "Devil's Due." Because that's what it was, a viral marketing stunt by the same folks who dreamed up that "Carrie" prank a few months ago. As daily life in NYC wasn't stressful enough! We're still recovering from the Santa-Con reign of pukey terror last month, and last weekend the subway was full of people in their underpants. THANKS, THINKMODO.

A video showing the remote-controlled baby carriage terrorizing the streets of New York launched yesterday, but it looks like at least part of it was filmed last week when it was butt-bitingly cold out since there's still snow on the ground. Why would you care about a crying baby in a carriage that's rolling through traffic in the freezing cold? New Yorkers, man. We're the worst.

Not content to just scare New Yorkers who wanted to check on a crying baby, the remote-controlled carriage went on a rampage through the streets, barreling into people, scaring dogs, knocking over the stuff people are selling on the sidewalk, and generally being a menace to society. Especially when you can still see ice on the sidewalks.

OK, the bit where it scares all the pigeons is pretty funny. Also when you see people who are totally unfazed by this phenomenon.

The kicker is a brief clip from "The Devil's Due," which features a dude (presumably a priest) in a hospital bed with his rosary beads saying to himself that the Antichrist is coming. Are we sure that the Antichrist isn't actually viral marketing?

Well, we guess it worked 'cause here we all are talking about it. "The Devil's Due" opens Friday.
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