The Nut Job - Clip No. 1
This weekend, a brand-new animated comedy scampers into theaters with "The Nut Job," a furry take on the heist movie. Directed by Canadian animator Peter Lepeniotis (who has worked for both Disney and Pixar), "The Nut Job" is an adaptation of his 2005 short film "Surly Squirrel," this time expanded to feature-length and complete with an all-star cast that includes Will Arnett, Brendan Fraser, Katherine Heigl and Liam Neeson.

In our exclusive clip, introduced by the gloriously growly Arnett, you'll get a sense of the movie's chaotic energy (and appropriately nutty characters).

Surly (Arnett) is staging the daring heist of a nut cart, you know the kind that dot Manhattan's urban landscape and can be seen at parks across the land. Surly is chased by Precious (Maya Rudolph), a snarling pug, gets some much needed assistance from his squirrel pals -- Andie (Heigl) and Grayson (Fraser). Things get pretty hairy (see what I did there?)

"The Nut Job" opens tomorrow, and if you're a fan of grating internet memes, be sure to stick around through the credits to see an animated version of South Korean rapper Psy dance along to his hit "Gangnam Style."

"The Nut Job" hits theaters Friday, January 17.
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The Nut Job
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