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Every Academy Awards has at least one out-of-nowhere nominee, and this year's slate of contenders is no different. Claiming the title of most obscure nomination this year is "Alone Yet Not Alone," the title track from a small independent film that's up against some big competition in the Best Original Song category.

"Alone Yet Not Alone" tells the true story of two young sisters who were captured during the French and Indian War, and was produced by a company called Enthuse Entertainment, whose self-described mission is to make family-friendly, faith-based films. According to HitFix, the movie wasn't on many people's radar -- there's no trace of it on Wikipedia, there are no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, and its Box Office Mojo is nonexistent -- and received a limited release in September.

So how did a film few people saw, or even knew existed, manage to snag a coveted Oscar nomination? As HitFix explains, it could have something to do with the fact that one of its composers, Bruce Broughton, is a current Academy Governor and the former chief of the Academy's music branch. And Deadline notes that the film's score was composed by William Ross, who just so happens to be this year's conductor of the Academy orchestra (which he also conducted last year). (The site has a few more nefarious theories about the source of "Alone"'s nomination, which you can read here.)

Whatever the reason, "Alone Yet Not Alone" managed to beat out some pretty tough competition for one of the five Best Original Song slots. Heavyweight hitmakers from Coldplay to Taylor Swift, Celine Dion to Lana del Ray, were all eligible for nominations this year, yet didn't make the cut. Songwriters Broughton and Dennis Spiegel should be singing a happy -- and grateful -- song today. They may not come out on top at this year's telecast, but they've certainly gotten everyone's attention.

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Alone Yet Not Alone
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Sisters are taken captive by natives in 1755 and struggle to retain their faith in difficult circumstances. Read More

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