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Turns out movie stars hate having their favorite TV shows spoiled, too.

Jennifer Lawrence, a "Homeland" superfan, fell victim to some major spoilers about the third season of the Showtime drama during a red carpet interview before Saturday's Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony. Lawrence was chatting with a reporter from Access Hollywood when she spotted "Homeland" star Damien Lewis across the platform, being interviewed by a different Access Hollywood reporter, and began gushing about her love for the show.

Lawrence's interviewer facilitated an introduction between the pair, and then both Access Hollywood reporters blurted out a pretty huge spoiler about Lewis's character. (WARNING: We're about to repeat said SPOILER, so quit reading now if you don't want to know what it was.)

"You know they killed him off?" Lawrence's interviewer asked the starlet, who gasped and sputtered out a bewildered, "WHAT?!"

Lewis tried to wave the reporters off, crying, "Don't tell her! It's a spoiler!" But it was too late, and Lawrence was pretty pissed about having her self-described "favorite show ever" ruined for her, explaining that she already told the reporter that she'd only watched the first two seasons, and that she waits to watch the series on DVD because she's too impatient to wait for new episodes week-to-week throughout the season.

"I can't believe you did that. I don't even know what to say," Lawrence told the reporter.

Though the actress tried to play off her shock and anger, we can't help but think she was more than a little sincere when she joked that she couldn't even look the reporter in the eye anymore.

"God, you're a monster," Lawrence said.

We're sure J-Law's fellow spoiler-phobes concur.

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