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Angelina Jolie comes out of the shadows in this TV spot for the upcoming Disney film, "Sleeping Beauty." Jolie's all razor-sharp cheekbones and purring English accent as the unforgettable (and unforgettably stylish!) Disney baddie.

The spot starts with a scene or two from the original "Sleeping Beauty," but quickly segues into the live-action film starring Elle Fanning as a young Princess Aurora. Maleficent gives Aurora a taste of her evil powers from the get-go when she lets loose a curse and a whole bunch of green smoke on the infant princess.

While a peek at Maleficent's evil powers is pretty cool, what's interesting is the slightly maternal tone she takes on with Aurora later. She warns the young princess of evils in the world that she can't protect her from, but isn't Maleficent the one who's caused it all? Very tricksy, Maleficent!

We also get a look at Maleficent just as she's transforming into the glamorous baddie we know and fear. "How wonderful," she coos.

Disney certainly seems to be trying to tweak the villain's backstory in a way that will lure us in. Will it work? Live-action updates on favorite childhood stories have made box office bank in the past, no matter how critically reviled (looking at you, "Alice in Wonderland").

"Maleficent" comes out May 30, the same weekend as Seth MacFarlane's comedy "A Million Ways to Die in the West," but is that a real box office competitor? They'll both be competing against "X-Men: Days of Future Past," which opens the week before.

Correction: An earlier version of this post indicated that "Maleficent" stars Dakota Fanning, when it is her sister, Elle Fanning, who stars as Princess Aurora.
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