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Daniel Radcliffe is continuing his streak of cool, smaller projects with "Brooklyn Bridge," a drama about the engineer behind the famous landmark. Douglas McGrath, who wrote and directed "Emma" and "Infamous," will write and direct. According to the plot description, "Besieged by calamity, danger and doubt, his obsession to get the job done threatens his health and his family until he discovers an improbable ally in his charming and shrewd wife."

John Augustus Roebling began designing the Brooklyn Bridge before his unexpected death from a tetanus infection. His son Washington took over, but fell ill himself during the construction. His wife Emily became a critical part of the process while Washington was sick; so much for being an "improbable ally"! The Bridge was finished in 1883, and it's a pretty big deal.

Radcliffe appeared in "Kill Your Darlings" last year as Allen Ginsberg, and stars in the upcoming adaptation of Joe Hill's horror novel "Horns," as well as a rom-com with Zoe Kazan called "The F Word."

Shooting on "Brooklyn Bride" is scheduled to start this summer, so get ready for some Potter-mania, NYC. Or we'll just continue acting blasé about movie sets and/or annoyed when they're impeding foot traffic.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]
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