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It seems that a firm cast for the "Fantastic Four" reboot could be determined very soon, if Miles Teller is to be believed.

Teller, who has long been rumored to be up for the part of Mr. Fantastic (aka Reed Richards), didn't give a firm yes or no answer when asked about whether or not he had scored the role. But his cryptic answer indicates his involvement is incredibly likely.

"Yeah, that should be coming up in the next few weeks," Teller told Punch Drunk Critics.

So does that mean that he's definitely got the part? Perhaps not. According to Variety, it may mean that he's still in the running, but a decision from casting directors still needs to be made.

Variety reports that a script rewrite by Simon Kinberg has just been completed, and screen tests are set to start by the end of the month. And along with Teller, "Game of Thrones" co-stars Kit Harrington ("Pompeii") and Richard Madden ("Klondike") are also vying for the role of Mr. Fantastic.

Actresses testing for Sue Storm include Kate Mara and Saoirse Ronan. Michael B. Jordan, who's been attached to play Johnny Storm for some time, will test with several different groups of actors to determine with whom he has the best chemistry, according to Variety.

"Fantastic Four" is set to hit theaters on June 19, 2015.
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