better living through chemistry trailerSamuel Goldwyn Films

Nice guys finish last? Not if Olivia Wilde has anything to say about it.

The new trailer for "Better Living Through Chemistry" proves that even a straight-laced suburban pharmacist (Sam Rockwell) is no match for Wilde's wiles.

When Rockwell stops by Wilde's mansion to drop off a prescription, she lures him into a crazy adventure filled with sex, drugs, and maybe even murder.

"You never get high on your own supply?" the trophy wife purrs. Rockwell deserves so much more, she says, but how can he get it?

"You'd be surprised by what I'm capable of," he says.

The movie feels like something we've seen before, yet also seems fresh. And Wilde doing her sex kitten thing almost never gets old.

"Better Living Through Chemistry" also stars Michelle Monaghan, Ben Schwartz, Ray Liotta, and Jane Fonda, and opens March 14.