german retirement home calendarContilia Group

File this under, to paraphrase the great band C&C Music Factory, things that make you go awwwww: an Essen, Germany nursing home restaged classic moments from a variety of movies (everything from "Easy Rider" to "Titanic"), with their residents posing as famous actors in those scenes. If your heart isn't warming already, then you're probably a robot or some kind of gargoyle brought to life via black magic.

The residents of the Contilia Retirement Group, who range in age from 75 to 98, spoke to Der Spiegel magazine about the photo shoot (via Gawker), and described it as "tremendously fun." They probably also would have described whoever edited the photos as "marginally proficient in Photoshop."

Why are you still reading this? Just take a look at the photos, which also include nods to "Rocky," "The Blue Brothers" (what, no love for "Blues Brothers 2000?"), "Mary Popppins" and "Cabaret" (amongst others). It's probably the cutest thing you'll see all day.