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This fall, "Big Hero 6," the first Walt Disney Feature Animation project based on a Marvel property (in this case a little know, Japanese-inspired tale of robots and fan boys), will be unleashed worldwide and mark the first synergistic, feature film crossover between Disney's Marvel property and one of its key animated lines. According to a report on Latio Review, which should be taken with the biggest grain of salt you can find, that kind of mix is about to happen again, with Pixar reportedly taking on a "Star Wars" feature.

That's about all the post suggests, without implying a timeline or any of the creative principles that would be involved in this project, which seems to lessen its validity by a few parsecs. But the possibility is certainly tantalizing, and, as "WALL-E" showed us, the fabled animation studio can do space really, really well.

The Pixar line-up has been more or less solidified through 2018, too, which would put this project in the real of a galaxy far, far away. There is no Pixar movie on the calendar this year, thanks to the production woes of "The Good Dinosaur" (now scheduled for fall 2015) but next summer sees the release of "Inside Out," the new film from "Up" director Pete Docter that, based on the footage we've seen, looks like the studio's strongest effort since "The Incredibles." It's that good.

More on this supposed project when it develops. We've reached out to a couple of sources who told us to be incredibly skeptical. Anything is possible, but until it's a hologram playing chess right in front of your face, don't believe anything you read.
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