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Anyone old enough to play "Maniac Mansion" on the original Nintendo console will get a kick out of this -- the demented geniuses over at 8 Bit Cinema (via Live for Films) have created an immersive, totally hilarious video game version of The Coens' cult classic "The Big Lebowski." And it is awesome.

What makes the old school video game rendering of "The Big Lebowski" so successful is that everything about it is so authentic -- the awkward, sort-of top down perspective that so many of those games chose, the subtle sound effects of the sprites walking around, and the cavernously empty stages. It's all perfect. In an eerie way that will take you back to your childhood home's shag-carpeted rumpus room (yes, shag survived until the eighties in some houses).

Of course, the other reason why this video is so much fun is that you get to watch classic sequences from the Coens' shaggy dog detective tale translated into 8-bit awesomeness. The sound of the goon tinkling on Lebowski's rug? The Jesus challenging you to a bowling mini-game? "You found Larry's homework!" And they seem to have found the only way to make John Goodman more hilarious in this movie – turn him into an animated sprite like something out of a very warped version of "Legend of Zelda."

Watch... and laugh. And have it serve as a pre-game for a midnight screening of "The Big Lebowski," which I'm sure is happening somewhere near you...
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