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Last night's Grammys didn't hold much in the way of surprises, aside from the fact that a pair of French robots took home the awards for Best Album and Best Record. (For much of America, that probably did not compute.) But there was at last one jaw-dropping moment during the commercial breaks, when Disney unveiled a new, 90-second spot for their upcoming fairy tale movie "Maleficent" that pretty much made us want to run out of our home and into a movie theater so we could see it right then.

"Maleficent" is the studio's new take on their beloved "Sleeping Beauty," except this time the story is centered around that film's evil witch, Maleficent, who is one of the more iconic Disney villains, with her horned cowl and ability to turn into a fearsome, fire-breathing dragon. To play an icon, you need an icon, and Disney hired Angelina Jolie, who, based on this new trailer, is more than up for the difficult task.

So far the marketing for "Maleficent" has been somewhat shaky; we just haven't gotten a sense of the mood of the movie yet and none of the visuals have ever quite dazzled. Well, all that has changed with this spot. It is absolutely stunning, made even more so by the spooky Lana Del Rey cover of "Once Upon a Dream" from the original film, which makes the images of an army of forest people and giant dragons even eerier. (The song is now available to download from iTunes.) This has jumped to the top of our most anticipated movies of the summer list, and we can't wait to see Angelina chew the magical scenery. Oh man.

"Maleficent," which costars Elle Fanning (as Sleeping Beauty), Sharlto Copley, Sam Riley, Imelda Staunton, Juno Temple and Lesley Manville, opens everywhere May 30.
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