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It seems that everyone wants to be a part of "Star Wars: Episode VII," and that's especially true for "Saturday Night Live" alum Bill Hader. The self-professed "Star Wars" superfan proved his devotion to the series -- and his willingness to play any part in it -- by busting out a couple hilarious impressions of iconic "Wars" characters during an appearance on "Conan" Monday night.

Discussing his love for the series with host Conan O'Brien, Hader said that when he found out director J.J. Abrams was taking the helm of "Episode VII," he pleaded for a part.

"I said, 'I can do whatever you want. I can do anything,'" Hader recalled.

He then proved that that boast was true by doing spot-on impressions of a dying Jabba the Hut -- complete with bugged-out eyes and lolling tongue -- and a dying Tauntaun, the creature Luke Skywalker and co. ride on the ice planet Hoth in "The Empire Strikes Back." His dedication to the Tauntaun bit was especially impressive, though we won't give too much away; it's an impression that really needs to be seen.

"I've been working on that since the third grade," Hader proudly told O'Brien of his Jabba impression. When the host inquired why he wouldn't want to go out for a flashier part -- say, a young Han Solo -- Hader admitted that his representatives had the same reaction.

"My agent's like, 'Really? You want to do the voice of the thing that gets cut open?'" Hader said.

It seems like a perfect fit to us.
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