nicolas cage left behindLeft Behind

Even after those official "Left Behind" posters featuring Nicolas Cage came out, admit it, you kind of thought you were getting punked.

Wrong! It's no joke. And as proof, the official "Left Behind" movie page released a short clip in which Cage's character, a pilot named Rayford Steele (of course that's his name), has a conversation with his daughter about his split from her mother after the latter found religion.

"But hey, if she's going to run off with another man, why not Jesus?" he says in that weary, Nic Cage-y way.

This seems to take place before Steele embarks on a transatlantic flight, during which passengers mysteriously disappear from their seats. The same thing occurs all over the world as the Rapture takes place.

"Left Behind" also stars Chad Michael Murray, Cassi Thomson, Nicky Whelan, Lea Thompson, and Jordin Sparks, and opens in theaters sometime later this year.