seth rogen sausage partyKevin Winter/Getty Images for Comedy Central

Soooo, about that animated film Seth Rogen wrote with his BFF Evan Goldberg? The one about the talking sausage who falls out of a shopping cart and has to find his way home? It's going to star all of their buddies.

Although it's not clear who will have the honor of playing the eponymous sausage, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Michael Cera, and David Krumholtz will be joining Rogen in the voice cast (It's a "This Is the End" reunion!). Appropriately enough given the title, the only woman cast so far is Kristen Wiig, along with Nick Kroll (who you should really be watching on "Kroll Show") and... Edward Norton? OK, Edward Norton!

The actual plot description seems kind of existential and possibly upsetting for non-meat eaters, as the little sausage is on "a quest to discover the truth about his existence." You know that saying about how the sausage gets made? Yeah, it's not pleasant. Plus, once they return to their aisles before the big July 4th sale, guess where they're headed after that? Straight onto the grill, probably! And then into people's tummies!

Maybe that's why this is going to be rated R.

This "Sausage Party" is slated for the summer of 2015, but you can find a sausage party at your local multiplex just about any time of the year.

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