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When "21 Jump Street" was released back in 2011, it was one of the year's most welcome surprises – a sharp, smart, wholly involving tale of a couple of dumb ass cops (Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill) who go undercover as teenagers to bust up a high school drug ring. And while the movie did with a cliffhanger of sorts, opening it up to the possibility of a sequel, it also featured the words "The End."

Well, any star-driven studio movie that made its money back will undoubtedly garner a sequel, and this summer sees the release of "22 Jump Street," with Hill and Tatum set to return, alongside original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. As the just-released first poster (via Yahoo! Movies) suggests, they're packing heat and ready to go.

The poster is fairly simple and straightforward: it features Hill (he gets first billing? Really?) and Tatum standing on their classic muscle car, with their (gold-plated guns pointed at the sky). A big "22" is spray-painted behind them, with a somewhat awkward "They're Not 21 Anymore" tag line. Is that supposed to suggest that they were 21 in the first movie? Or that they are significantly older than the 21 they're supposed to be in college? Did anyone think this through?

Oh well. We're still ridiculously excited for the sequel. "22 Jump Street" jumps into theaters nationwide June 13.
22 jump street poster
22 Jump Street Movie Poster
22 Jump Street
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