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This weekend, Zac Efron and his friends are out looking for love in "That Awkward Moment," while Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet throw caution to the wind and heat up the screen in Jason Reitman's "Labor Day."
Starring Zac Efron, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan, "That Awkward Moment" is an R-rated comedy about three best friends at crossroads in their dating relationships and each searching for love. Written and directed by Tom Gormican, the movie offers plenty of raunchy laughs from its young stars, as it examines that confusing point in a relationship when you have to decide "So...where is this going?" Directed by Jason Reitman, "Labor Day" stars Kate Winslet as Adele, a depressed single mother, who is forced to harbor a wounded, fearsome-looking man (Josh Brolin) after he threatens to harm her 13-year-old son, Henry. After taking him in, Adele and Henry learn that the man is an escaped convict, but the lonely mother and son appreciate the male presence in their home and soon begin to have feelings for the fugitive.

Also, in theaters this weekend:
  • "Best Night Ever" follows a group of young women during a reckless and unforgettable bachelorette party in Las Vegas.
  • "At Middleton" stars Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga as two parents falling in love while playing hooky from their children's college tour.
  • "12 O'Clock Boys" follows a young boy navigating a combative West Baltimore neighborhood, who finds comfort with a group of illegal dirt bike riders -- The 12 O'Clock Boys.
  • In the French film "Love Is in the Air," ex-lovers find themselves sitting next to each other on an international flight, inevitably forced to revisit their collective past.
  • In "California Scheming," a teen seductress manipulates her three privileged Malibu friends into a dangerous scheme with unforeseen consequences.
  • "Brightest Star" tells the story of a recent college graduate on a mission to win back his dream girl only to find himself on a greater life journey.
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