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Time traveling teenager Marty McFly and his rascally mad scientist best friend Doc Brown are about to go someplace they've never been: the London stage! That's right, "Back to the Future," the immortal 1985 Robert Zemeckis comedic fantasy, is being retooled as a musical, just in time for its 30th anniversary next year (according to The Wrap). Unfortunately it's not doubling as a Huey Lewis & the News jukebox musical, although the Huey Lewis & the News tunes that were featured in the movie will be reproduced for the musical. That's the power of love!

Zemeckis and his co-writer and producer Bob Gale, who haven't worked together since the HBO series "Tales from the Crypt" back in the early '90s, will re-team to write the book with the play's director Jamie Lloyd. The show is being produced by Universal State Productions and Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment and will premiere somewhere on the West End.

As far as the music goes, it's being handled by composer Alan Silvestri, who wrote the original score for the movie (including its iconic theme music) and Glen Ballard, the producer and lyricist behind Alanis Morrisette's era-defining "Jagged Little Pill" (amongst many, many other things). In addition to the Huey Lewis songs, preexisting songs by Chuck Berry, Pat Ballard, and Curtis Williams will also be included.

The history of movies-to-musicals has been spotty at best; for every "Billy Elliott" and "Kinky Boots" there are ten "Tarzan"s or "Big Fish" littering the back alleys behind musical theaters everywhere. As someone who recently suffered through "Big Fish," when it's bad, it's bad. Few musicals have the star power and creative force of the original team behind them, which makes "Back to the Future" somewhat unique. At the very least we're morbidly curious if the wonder, humor, and awe of the original film can be transplanted to the stage.

Roads? Where we're going we won't need... roads...
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