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Marvel has had unparalleled success in recent years creating a cash-grabbing, attention-stealing brand that's generated billions in revenue and won over millions of fans worldwide. Now, Mark Millar, creator of the "Kick-Ass" comics, wants to spearhead a similarly successful venture.

Millar has unveiled plans for Millarworld, a Marvel Universe-style series of interconnected comic titles that Millar says is inspired by the work of legendary Marvel artists, as well as the films the studio's putting out now.

"Stan [Lee], Jack [Kirby] and Steve [Ditko] managed to create the Marvel Universe inside two or three years and establish everything and I have the next three years planned out similarly with a number of amazing artists as my partners," Millar told Comic Book Resources of his plans. "The whole thing is interconnected like the Marvel movies, the most popular ones maybe getting sequels if the story lends itself to it. It's actually a nice, relaxed way of working, and I've got nine new titles planned over the next three years in total."

Millarworld is set to connect existing series like Millar's own "Kick-Ass," as well as titles like "Wanted" and "Jupiter's Legacy," with "Kick-Ass 3" serving as the jumping off point for the new universe. It's a process he likens to one used by -- you guessed it -- Marvel's recent films.

"The story works in and of itself, but I love the way the Marvel movies have these little references to each other and the post-credit sequences," Millar said.

As for planned big screen adaptations of Millarworld projects, the creator said the company has some big plans on that front, too, with many deals already finalized or in the works.

"We've got a great track record on sales at Millarworld and probably the highest proportion of books to movies in the business with 'Wanted' and 'Kick-Ass' already out as franchises and having made half a billion dollars between the three of them, 'Secret Service' Book One just wrapping at the moment, 'Nemesis' ready to go into pre-production, 'Starlight,' 'Superior,' and 'Kindergarten Heroes' all being written and on a fast-track at Fox, and a first draft of 'War Heroes' just handed in over at Universal," he said. " ... [I]t's a really exciting company to jump into."

For much more from Millar, including details of new titles being prepped for Millarworld, head over to Comic Book Resources.

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