There were few actors whose mere presence on screen seemed to electrify the rest of the movie, no matter how boring or dull that movie might be. These are actors who, even if you couldn't name them, you would get excited whenever they would pop up. Philip Seymour Hoffman was that kind of actor.

His death on February 2, 2014 was a tragedy, for his family and friends, and for countless moviegoers around the world, who were shocked and surprised and positively dazzled every time Hoffman showed up on screen, even if they couldn't tell you exactly what his name was.

Hoffman essayed a number of memorable roles that go above and beyond the 10 we wrestled with choosing for this list -- it was a hard roundup to compile, for a number of reasons. It's almost impossible to think of a cinematic landscape devoid of Hoffman's esoteric sensibilities and crackerjack choices.

Still, if there were 10 performances in Hoffman's career that were truly unforgettable and deserve to be revisited for the unforeseeable future.
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