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Sometimes, we're all our own worst enemies. In, "Enemy," an adaptation of José Saramago's novel "The Double," Jake Gyllenhaal plays doppelgangers Adam Bell and Anthony St. Claire.

Adam, a history professor in Toronto, is just trying to relax and watch a movie when he notices an actor, Anthony St. Claire, that looks exactly like him. It seems like an interesting project to try and figure out more about his look-alike, but as Adam begins digging up information, both of their lives start to go off the rails. The women in their lives also get sucked into the mystery. Sarah Gadon ("Cosmopolis") appears as Anthony's pregnant wife, and Melanie Laurent ("Inglourious Basterds") plays Adam's girlfriend. And then there's Adam's mom, played by the wonderful Isabella Rossellini. What's she hiding, anyway?

Reviews from the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival were quite positive, although it seems nearly impossible to reveal too many details about this thriller.

This is director Denis Villeneuve's second feature with Gyllenhaal. "Prisoners," co-starring Hugh Jackman, also premiered at TIFF last year, making for quite a grim double feature indeed.

"Enemy" will be available on DirecTV on February 6, and will appear in theaters on March 14.

Check out the trailer and see if you can keep these Jakes straight.