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B.J. Novak isn't exactly known for his villainous vibe, but it sounds like that will all change once we get a look at "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." Whether it was on purpose or a social media slip-up, director Mark Webb revealed a tidbit on Twitter that has everyone's Spidey sense tingling. In the Spider-Man universe, Alistair Smythe takes his inventor dad's plan to off Spidey one step beyond by transmogrifying into the Ultimate Spider-Slayer. Papa Spencer Smythe had already cooked up some nasty robots called the Spider-Slayers, but they didn't slow down our hero one bit. Naturally, Alistair gets into the family business when he gets old enough.

Even though Alistair does eventually transform into one nasty piece of work, he's still not the number one baddie in "ASM2." That honor goes to Jamie Foxx's Electro.

We can't wait to see Novak gets his hands a little dirty in the superhero universe. Besides being pretty darn adorable in "The Mindy Project," he's also a newly published author. His first book, "One More Thing," goes on sale today.

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