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The heated controversy over whether or not Woody Allen molested his and Mia Farrow's then-7-year-old adopted daughter more than 20 years ago has reached a fever pitch recently, with both camps lashing out at each other in the press. Whether you believe Allen, who has maintained his innocence since day one, or Farrow, who says the celebrated director is lying, it's hard not to view the latest piece of the scandal to emerge as anything but odd.

CBS news magazine "60 Minutes" just posted an interview with Allen which aired in November 1992, shortly after Farrow's allegations became public. In the interview, Allen maintains his innocence, and paints Farrow as bitter and enraged following the revelation that he was having an affair with Farrow's then-21-year-old adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn. ("60 Minutes" says Farrow had declined an invitation to be interviewed.)

Farrow's anger was manifested in multiple death threats and late night phone calls, Allen alleged, and took a tactile form in the shape of a chill-inducing Valentine card (above) that Farrow presented him earlier that year. The card in question, shown on "60 Minutes," features a photo of Farrow and her children stuck through with multiple needles. There is also a large knife, plastered with a photo of Soon-Yi (which appears to be -- though is not confirmed -- the pornographic photo that uncovered Allen and Previn's affair), stabbed through Farrow's chest. It features the caption, "Once my heart was one and it was yours to keep / My child you used and pierced my heart a hundred times and deep."

woody allen valentine mia farrow
In the "60 Minutes" interview, Allen described the Valentine as "very, very chilling" and "meticulously worked on," adding, "One hesitates to say, psychotically worked on." The director said he was frightened by the card, believing Farrow may some day make good on her alleged death threats.

Though Farrow's abuse allegations have been public for decades, they've been in the news recently thanks to Allen's lifetime achievement honor at last month's Golden Globes ceremony, and his latest film, "Blue Jasmine," receiving multiple Academy Award nominations. Farrow's daughter at the center of the allegations, Dylan, recently penned a scathing New York Times op-ed detailing Allen's alleged abuse. Allen is said to be pondering writing his own op-ed in his defense.
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