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Disney's smash animated musical "Frozen" could have featured a much darker version of Elsa, if early concept art is any indication.

Former Disney animator Claire Keane, who worked on flicks including "Tangled" and "Frozen," has been unveiling exploratory "Frozen" sketches on her website, including an Elsa inspired by a surprising source: Amy Winehouse. The images, which feature a blue-skinned and -haired Elsa with the late singer's signature bouffant, are a far cry from the blonde Elsa that audiences saw on the big screen.

Keane wrote that the sketches were "inspired by Amy Winehouse's pathos," and that she "imagined [Elsa] to have a deep, soulful voice and dramatic mood swings."

Another early version of Elsa portrayed the Snow Queen as a Bette Midler-style character, focusing on what Keane called Midler's "showgirl stage presence."

The concept art is super fun, and inspires lots of "what ifs," though if "Frozen"'s gigantic box office haul is any indication, it seems the final product turned out just fine. Check out more of Keane's exploratory art on her website.

[via Claire Keane, Claire Keane, h/t io9]
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