This weekend, "The Lego Movie" continues in the long and questionable history of movies based on toy properties. It's not too large of a leap to make -- after all, how many toys are based on comic books, television shows and movies? And how many toys, trading cards, or board games try to cultivate, at the very least, a palpable mood? Call it franchise reverse engineering.

For a while, this seemed like Hollywood's Next Big Thing, with Universal singing a lucrative deal with Hasbro to churn out movies based on their properties, eventually putting most of those projects, like an Adam Sandler-led "Candyland," into turn-around. (Some will still see the light of day, like October's Michael Bay-produced found footage spook show "Ouija.") Apparently, the novelty of seeing toys turned into movies has worn off.

Still, it's enough to make you want to look back at the five best (and five worst) toy-to-feature film adaptations, and how each one of them was either something you'd want to play with repeatedly or "forget" in the sandbox.Best Worst Movies About Toys
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The LEGO Movie
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