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While just about every actor and actress working today is vying for a role in "Star Wars: Episode VII," Alex Pettyfer isn't one of them. The "Endless Love" star addressed rumors he was up for a part in J.J. Abrams's film during a recent interview, admitting that he's too big a fan of the franchise to consider being in it.

"If I was a part of 'Star Wars,' I don't know if I would speak on set," Pettyfer told Coming Soon. "I'm more of a fanboy."

Pettyfer added that he didn't want to mess with the series' success, and would much prefer to be able to experience "Episode VII" purely from a fan's standpoint, rather than as a participant.

"Those things, it's very weird for me, like I sometimes would prefer not to be a part of it, not in any disregard or disrespect, just because I'm such a lover of film -- to watch something like that is much more enjoyable for me," he said.

Pettyfer's fellow fanboys and -girls are no doubt growing anxious about who exactly *will* be in "Episode VII," with Gary Oldmanrecently revealing he was up for a part. Production is expected to start soon, so hopefully Abrams and co. will lift the veil of secrecy shortly.

"Star Wars: Episode VII" opens December 18, 2015.
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