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Just when you thought Jane Lynch couldn't get any more awesome, she goes and cosplays as her "Wreck-It Ralph" character.

A photo of Lynch dressed as Sergeant Calhoun -- a character "programmed with the most tragic backstory ever," according to the video game-themed animated flick -- surfaced recently on Reddit, and the actress looks amazing.

Lynch recreated Calhoun's skintight body armor perfectly, and her comically large (fake) gun is also spot-on; she looks ready to jump into her character's fictitious game, Hero's Duty, and kick some serious Cy-Bug butt.

It's unclear where or when the photo was taken, though if you saw someone cosplaying Calhoun at a recent comic-book convention, chances are good it was actually Lynch. To paraphrase Calhoun's on-screen love interest, Fix-It Felix, we think the actress's willingness to bring "Wreck-It Ralph" to life makes her one dynamite gal.
jane lynch sgt calhoun wreck it ralph cosplay
[via: Reddit, HuffPost Entertainment]
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