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The first official trailer for "Under the Skin" has arrived, and it's definitely a sexy, spooky, strange one.

Scarlett Johansson stars in this adaptation of the novel by Michel Farber, and it seems like the kind of movie that is best to see without knowing too much going in. Johansson plays an unnamed woman who cruises the Scottish countryside to pick up male hitchhikers. What happens then? Well, who's to say? You can probably find some reviews that spoil it for you, but wouldn't you rather watch this trailer over and over again in anticipation? Whatever it is, it looks like bad news -- for the guys, at least.

"Under the Skin" is described as a science-fiction film, but it looks like there are some definite body horror elements in there. The title itself is creepy and evocative. Things that get under your skin include but are not limited to: flesh-eating bacteria, bugs that hatch eggs, lust, love, sex, the spectacle of Scarlett Johansson in a black wig and smudgy red lipstick and a fur coat, the eerie soundscape created by experimental musician Mica Levi, and the directing prowess of Jonathan Glazer. Is she from our world or from another world? What does it mean to actually be "alien"? Let's get existential here, folks. Let's get weird.

"Under the Skin" opens April 4 in NYC and LA, and in limited release on April 11. You can check out director Jonathan Glazer's previous work on the movies "Sexy Beast" and "Birth." "Under the Skin" is also on Twitter, because who isn't?

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