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Here's the action-packed trailer for "Brick Mansions," which is the last film that Paul Walker completed before his death in November. It's a remake of 2004's "District B13," a French movie starring parkour star and all-around bad-ass David Belle. Belle reprises his role as an ex-criminal trying to go straight despite the brutal environment of Detroit's so-called brick mansions, a walled-off district of the city that the police have basically given up on controlling. (Here his character is called Lino instead of Leïto, though.) Paul Walker takes on the role of the undercover cop who has to infiltrate the brick mansions and take down a ruthless gang armed to the teeth and led by a particularly dangerous guy who's kidnapped Lino's girlfriend.

The head of the gang is played by multi-hyphenate RZA, who has scored and appeared in a number of movies, wrote and directed "The Man with the Iron Fists," and was a founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan. So, you know, he's nothing to eff with.

It looks like Belle, who invented the amazing sport of parkour, does most of the wall-flipping action, although there's plenty of fisticuffs, bare-handed brawls, and gun battles for everyone. (You can check out Belle's awesome talents on YouTube, which shows him making a grown-up jungle gym out of basically anywhere he goes. So cool!)

Prodigious writer/director/producer Luc Besson co-wrote the screenplay for "Brick Mansions," as well as for "District 13," and he's one of the producers. That used to be a mark of excellence for action fans, but Besson's track record has gotten pretty spotty since "The Fifth Element." This is director Camille Delamarre's feature-length debut, although he worked as an editor on "Taken 2," "Lockout" (aka "Space Jail"), "Colombiana," and other actioners.

Still and all, the talent of its stars (and the promise of awesome onscreen action) should be enough to lure viewers to theaters. Check out the trailer and see for yourself.

"Brick Mansions" opens on April 25.

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