movie title break upPOYKPAC Comedy

You know how some folks can practically hold an entire conversation using "Simpsons" quotes? The super-quippy people at POYKPAC Comedy came up with this video that shows a couple having an entire conversation using only movie titles. There isn't one word that isn't part of a movie title, not even the conversation they have with the waitress ("Waitress," as in the adorable movie with Keri Russell, written and directed by the late Adrienne Shelly!).

And they're not just any movies, either. We're talking classics like "On the Waterfront" (where this schmuck was seen canoodling with another woman!) to "What Is It?" the super obscure movie by Crispin Glover, which isn't even available for purchase! Glover tours with the film as part of a one-man show. And that's the least weird thing about it. Seriously, the writers have an impressive breadth of knowledge on top of their comedy chops. That's one conversation with 154 movie titles, between three people, in less than four minutes.

The question is, how many of you out there have seen all 154 of these movies? Yikes.

[Via Gizmodo]