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"The Lego Movie" charmed audiences with its mix of kid-friendly and subversive humor, as well as its clever visual effects. For those wondering just how many actual Lego pieces were used to achieve those effects, the answer is unsurprising. (Hint: It's a whole lot.)

Business Insider reports that, according to the film's production notes, a total of 3,863,484 real Lego were used in the film, with many reused throughout the movie. But what if filmmakers wanted to make the entire movie -- which was supplemented with CGI and a software program called LEGO Digital Designer -- exclusively using Lego bricks? According to filmmakers, that would have required 15,080,330 unique physical pieces of the plastic toys.

Obviously, using that many real Legos pieces -- which also would have included 183 different mini-figs, or Lego people -- would have taken too long to create a feature film. As cinematographer Pablo Plaisted explains in a new behind-the-scenes featurette, filmmakers took great pains to make sure their CGI Lego looked authentic, researching every painstaking detail of the toys (including how their unique, non-human proportions looked in scene blocking) to perfect the flick.

Considering "The Lego Movie"'s box office dominance, it seems Plaisted and co. pulled it off.

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