drive hard trailerVoltage

There are your everyday movie trailers. And then there's some next-level business like the trailer for "Drive Hard," which is a real movie that actually got made and is coming out sometime soon. Rarely do trailers leave me genuinely speechless; such was the case with "Drive Hard." Rarely have I seen such WTF-worthy madness. It is that insane.

The film stars John Cusack as a master criminal who dupes Thomas Jane, a former Formula 1 champion who now works as a driving instructor, to help him rob a bank... Yes. This is the plot of the movie. But that doesn't quite get into what makes the trailer such a surrealist masterpiece: take, for example, Jane's wig, which makes him look like he's in a high-school production of "Hair," or the fact that Cusack is wearing sunglasses, gloves and a baseball cap throughout the entire trailer. The entire trailer.

To give you a sense of who is behind this surefire guilty pleasure, it was directed by Australian filmmaker Brian Trenchard-Smith, who has given the world "Leprechaun 3 & 4" and "Pimpin' Pee Wee," among other gems. It's unclear if this thing is supposed to be intentionally funny or just funny because it's so weird. But either way, I can't wait.

"Drive Hard" is due out sometime later this year.