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Oscar nominated director Alfonso Cuaron proved himself every bit as adept at balancing humor and pathos as his collaborator George Clooney during a round of Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit last week.

The bulk of the questions for the "Gravity" director focused on his work on that film alongside leads Clooney and Sandra Bullock, though Cuaron also answered queries about why he made one "Harry Potter" film ("[I]t was such a great experience I was afraid I would overstay my welcome"), his thoughts on fellow Best Picture nominee "Her" ("[I]t's the best film about love that speaks directly to an age since ANNIE HALL"), and how he would have handled Clooney's Batman and the suit's notorious rubber nipples ("He would keep the nipples and go full Brazillian").

Here are the rest of the highlights -- including an excellent callback to Clooney's AMA -- from Cuaron's AMA:

On ranking the films that he's made:
Once I finish a film I don't ever see it again. As I have said many times before, as opposed to some of my friends that consider their films like their babies, for me my films are like ex-wives. I loved them so much, they loved me so much, I gave them so much, they gave me so much- but now we have parted ways. But I do have a very fond memory of A Little Princess. In terms of favorite films and directors, I am unable to do lists. When I do a supermarket list, I end up getting everything except what I need.

On his good friends and fellow Mexican directors Guillermo del Toro and Alejandro González Iñárritu:
We met because we used to have competitive mariachi bands. Now, we constantly mess with each other's work. ... Guillermo has been a huge supporter of [Gravity] and i owe the final result to him, he came in to the cutting room and made a huge difference....

On his guilty pleasure film:
Last year I loved Sharknado and I can't wait for the sequel.

On the age old debate over who smells better: George Clooney or Clive Owen?:
Both smell fantastic. Clive smells like Cinnamon with hints of clove and citrus. George smells like red woods with vanilla and a hint of tequila.

On co-writing "Gravity" with his son, Jonas:
It was amazing because I learned a lot. He injected me with a new energy and he challenged me. He once told me "Your films are alright, but you tend to be too rhetorical." I would love to do another screenplay with him, but now he is directing his film so I have to take a ticket.

On the scientific community's reaction to "Gravity":
I'm very happy that scientists have taken time to attack or defend GRAVITY. We tried to be as plausible as we could in the frame of our fiction and we worked very hard in honoring the behavior of bodies in micro-gravity and no resistance. But, it's a movie and that Sandra Bullock is not really an Astronaut in real life.

On whether or not he'd originally planned to kill off Bullock's "Gravity" character, Ryan (SPOILER ALERT):
We had an alternative ending in which after landing on Earth, Ryan will get back on her feet and as she's walking away Matt Kovalski falls from the sky and crashes her to death. And then cut to black. Create scroll in silence.

On what he'd do if he didn't direct, proving he can go toe-to-toe with Clooney in the cheeky AMA department:
I would be an assistant to George Clooney, the cobbler. I would only do the right foot as Daniel Day-Lewis does the other.
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