BAFTA New York Presents: In Conversation With Benedict CumberbatchJason Carter Rinaldi/Getty Images

As part of BAFTA's "In Conversation" series,Benedict Cumberbatch revealed the secret to his success. Specifically, how can one man go between absolutely killing it in stage productions to convincing Hollywood he's a man of 1,000 faces and numerous eras, from Victorian-era England ("Tipping the Velvet") to the future ("Star Trek Into Darkness")?

Simply put, it's "the blessing of having a weird face." Specifically, "somewhere between an otter and something people find vaguely attractive. Or just an otter, which is vaguely attractive!" (Yep, he knows about that otter meme.)

Cumberbatch then goes on to explain his confusion over being on "these hottie lists" after being in the biz for over 10 years with, you know, the same face he's always had. "I started out and went, yeah, I'm not a typical beauty, so basically I've got a long neck and a long face. That's usually period [pieces]. That's usually some kind of inbreeding weirdness, so I'll run with that. I'll wear some high collars get on a horse or two. I'm fine with that. But not all the time!" he said with mock seriousness. "Not all the time. Sometimes I'll just get a collar in a 21st century drama and turn it up," he said, referring to the insanely popular BBC show "Sherlock."

This is just the latest in the ongoing struggle between Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston to dominate the hearts and minds of fans of weird-looking Brits. Cumby really brought his A-game to a recent appearance with the Count in a PBS video about, well, counting, which one-upped Hiddleston's appearance with the Cookie Monster a few months ago.

What's next? Can we even deal with any more of this adorableness? No, no, we cannot.

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