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At this point, any unofficially casting announcements concerning "Star Wars: Episode VII" should be considered just that: unofficial. But Ain't It Cool News claims that it already knows one actor who's been signed on to star in the eagerly-anticipated flick.

The site's Harry Knowles reports that he has "heard from two different sources" that Irish actor Jack Reynor "has landed a role in EPISODE VII." Knowles admits that he doesn't know what part Reynor will play, and cautions that Reynor's potential casting is still a rumor.

Reynor is a relatively unknown actor who had a small part in the Vince Vaughn movie "Delivery Man" last year, and also earned rave reviews for his role in 2012 drama "What Richard Did." But he's set to become a bigger star thanks to a lead role alongside Mark Wahlberg in the fourth "Transformers" flick, "Age of Extinction," due out in June. Could a part in the "Star Wars" franchise be far behind?

Your guess is as good as ours. J.J. Abrams and the folks at Lucasfilm have yet to release an official synopsis or any sort of casting information, so whether or not Reynor will indeed be journeying into a galaxy far, far away is purely speculation. Still, with such a lack of concrete information, speculation is all fans have to go on; there will undoubtedly be plenty more where this rumor comes from until Abrams gives us some answers.

"Star Wars: Episode VII" opens December 18, 2015.

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