22 jump street trailer
Remember when everyone was like, "'21 Jump Street?' As a movie? That's the worst idea ever! Hollywood is terrible!" Well, we all ate our words after experiencing the glorious friend love between Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as cops sent back to high school. They're back, of course, but now they're going to college. And their Jump Street HQ? It's across the street.

Although this is a green band trailer, there are still some naughty words in there, so if you're watching this at work (and you wouldn't be doing that, would you?) maybe put on your headphones. The rest of us can luxuriate in the sight of grumpy Nick Offerman sending the boys to college, Ice Cube having the sort of day where he might want to use his AK, and Jonah Hill getting attacked by a squid. Also, Hill as an emo goth kid. And dancing. And... well, just watch it.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller return for directing duties. You might know them as the guys who take unlikely ideas - like a "Lego" movie or a reboot of an '80s TV drama - and make them "awesome!"

"22 Jump Street" opens on June 13, 2014.

We're still waiting for our "MacGruber" sequel, though.

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