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With the runaway success of "The Lego Movie" -- $200 million globally, and counting -- it's no wonder that Warner Bros. is eager to make a follow-up right away.

But rather than continuing the adventures of hard-working construction worker Emmet, the next "Lego" movie might shift blocks and feature ninjas!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is considering greenlighting two new "Lego" movies -- a traditional sequel and a "Ninjago" spin-off -- and then deciding which to release first.

The "Ninjago" universe features ninjas, dragons, and mystical snakes, and has already spawned a Cartoon Network television series, "Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu." And while the property is more male-friendly, show creators Dan and Kevin Hageman say 30 percent of their audience is female. And as THR notes, the Chinese lore in "Ninjago" should help in that financially lucrative market.

Regardless of whether "Ninjago" is greenlit, it's clear Warner Bros. means to be in the "Lego" business for years to come.
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